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Code: A003

Title: Organic

Size: 150 x 130 - Oil on canvas.

Private collection of Jeroen Franken, Holland.


Also this painting is the result of a cleansing after five or six kampongs/rice field paintings. And as I said before, I need to clean up the space in my fantasy. After I make an abstract, I'm ready for a new series of portraits, kampongs, rice fields, nudes, or a mix from all of this.

When you think this is very strange this is made by the same painter, actually it is not, Impressionism is paint what you see, mixed with what you are feeling, expressed by colors and the emotions that are in the painting. Abstract is only feelings, but is has to be pure, not on command. Just pure, cleansing feeling, without any thinking, only feeling. So for me, it is not a big difference. I use the same kind of colors and the impressionist paintings are as I said before, seeing and feeling, and the abstracts are only feeling.