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Code: D007

Title: Pre-Globalisatie

Size: 50 x 70 - pastel chalk.


Someone in California asked me to make from a photo this drawing as a present for them, the people on the drawing. I looked at the photo and I saw that both looked in another direction. They stay together from two different ways of thinking and two different worlds. I got some more expanation from the USA and also I know the people on the drawing, but the explanatuion from the man in California helped me a lot. The more I looked at the photo the more I knew how to make this drawing. Finally I made the drawing empty, direct, without any surroundings. Now the drawing gives the impression of people in a play of Bertold Brecht and Harold Pinter.... both are born in Indonesia. From both of them the parents were also born in Indonesia, so as their parents and grandparents as well.