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Code: K035

Title: Impression of the Besakih Temple in Bali

Size: 300 x 150 - Oil on canvas.

I was visiting the Besakih Temple which comprises a large area with everywhere temples in all sort and sizes, everywhere stairs, everywhere priests, everywhere statues, and everywhere the power of Besakih. So I made some sketches and in my studio I made this painting. It was impossible ofcourse to put just one place of the Besakih complex on the canvas so I decided to make this imprerssion of my feelings and I choosed to make all the stairs but as you see the stairs lead nowhere. There is just one stairs which goes straight away to Nirwana, straight away to the pure innoncent feeling. But everywhere in the painting and the Besakih atmosphere there is a danger: bad spirits looking for a chance. But these statues and all the ceremonies and the devotion of the priests and the prayers from the people who visit this place is, thank God, stronger. Basically, this is Bali.