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Code: K047

Title: Dead end street in the kampong

Size: 100 x 130 - Oil on canvas.


I made this painting in my favorite city, Malang. I like the kampongs and I like to paint there. My palette in my left and and then paint what I see, mixed wuth what I feel. I love it! It gives me a feeling of total happiness. Painting in 'plein air' method is for me in the top two things I love to do. When I was busy with this painting I first made the drawing on the canvas, as usual, and then I liked the drawing so much, there was a moment of two I was thinking, I'll keep it like this. But now I see the result I'm very happy with it. The colors are in a wonderful soft harmony. The laundy, the flowers, it is a complete, happy, relaxed feeling. Not that I want to live there, no way. Bit to paint there.... that's something else. Use my spirit, sensitivity to make this painting, including the feeling. You can go in this painting and it will embrace you with love.