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Code: K049

Title: Warung at Panji - Bali

Size: 120 x 100 - Oil on canvas




Many times when I was on the way to the house of a friend of me, I passed this warung and everything I thought, this I have to paint. Because it was looking so frinedly and inviting and relaxed, when I passed it with my car, I never stopped ther. So one day I stopped there with my paint, my canvas and my easle and I asked the owner permission to make a painting. At that moment the painting was aready started in my head. The woman was not so friendly, she asked me if I also wanted to buy drinks from her and when I said, yes, then she was professionally friendly. Then I start to paint and the place became on my canvas a bit heavy. It's like a portrait with a smile but it's not really a smile. This painting has a special atmosphere, at the first moment it looks inviting but there are a lot of places that you see in the painting, unexpected holes and inviting places with a dead end. The painting on its own is nice, for me it's very good, but it is a portrait, not a warung. I think this painting shall be a collector's item, so..........