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Code: K050

Title: A Lost Cowboy in the Kampong

Size: 65 x 75 - Oil on canvas.




When I was painting in my favorite kampong in Malang - EastJava, suddenly out of nothing this guy was there. He looked like if he had just escaped from the Wild West, or... I don't know. It was a very strange guy with a very strange attitude. He sat there together with his portable shop and a bucket with terrines in which he put his icecold cendol (coconut water with fruit and ice cubes). Really refreshing and with a very nice taste. He sold it for around seven cents per portion. When he sat there ofcourse it was so strange his being, that I asked him if I could make a sketch from him... and he said no! It was the first time that somebody said no and then I said, and when I by ten portion from you? He tried to think but he gave up and said, ok. He sat there, looking to me with his fiery eyes from under his hat. When I finished the sketch I started to make the painting, Then something strange happened. First I made the natural surroundings around him but that gave me not a good feeling. His spooky aura was too strong, so I removed all the things, all the children who drank and eat his cendol, I removed also all the other things, the street, the houses, everything. Then I put him in an empty sawah, it was better but also not good. I put the painting aside and every day I looked at it, there was something special, but what? I had to capture that. Finally I made the painting like it is now, and this feels good. It is good. The emptiness, the aura, the whole painting makes this guy stronger and his eyes are really the mirror of his soul.