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Code: K053

Title: Jalan Dewi Sri

Size: 150 x 150 - Oil on canvas.




This is a crossing point of four roads and this point is eight minutes walk from my house. Since about July 2009 I walk every morning about 5 kilometer from my house to the gate of Puri Mangga and make some excercise there and go back. The time I need for that is fourty minutes, including the excercise stop of ten minutes.... so every morning I cross this place, the lovely warung, the road that comes up to the highest point and go direct after this point deeply down and then about 400 meter again, there is the gate of Puri Mangga. So this place is some kind of a checkpoint for me and also because a lot of people meet each other here, in and around this lovely warung. So one day I decided I wanted to make a painting from this place, but it need a big canvas. It take me maybe 10 or 14 days and in the burning sun bur I'm very happy with the result. The colors tell you what is the atmosphere of that place. Far away the Bali Sea that is connected with the Java Sea and then the Jalan Dewi Sri, which means the road of the Rice Goddess, of Fertility and you know I feel very, very happy to stay there and make this painting. To start with an empty canvas and finished with this painting....

Knowing that this painting will be somewhere in the world hanging, survive all of us and give his love and the real meaning of life to us and our children. For me this is real impressionism. Paint what you see mixed with your feelings from that moment, to capture that in form and color and if it's doing in the right way with love and feeling, you will get the message.