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Code: K054

Title: Blue House on the Beach 2

Size: 120 x 100 - Oil on canvas.




In the beginning of the year 2007 I was visiting the beach of Kaliasem. Impressed from the first moment by the special atmosphere and all kinds of 'houses' what the people make just on the seaside. And this time, at the end of 2009, I visited the place again...... why? An art lover who visited my website wants to buy the painting number K018 with the name Blue House on the Beach. But the painting was already sold. He loved the painting so much so he had the very good idea to ask me please can you make from the same place, same house, same situation again a painting. He said it shall be interesting to see your impression more than two-and-a-half years later..... well I was curious too so I went to that place with my canvas and easle and a big box of tubes of paint and brushes, It was surprising I must say. The same people lived there and they welcomed me as a friend and i was directly at home there again. First I have a long talk with all the people on the beach who are living there and then I started to make my sketch and start the painting. It was lovely and how special that the feeling was the same but also more intense. Honestly I must say I get more feeling in the painting I think as the first painting. The intensity is different and also the using of colors. the painting what you see now is an absolute impression from my feelings in that situation at that moment and it is very interesting to compare both paintings and I'm very happy with the question from Joop de Gee if I can make this painting again and look how is the development and difference in interpretation. Going to my feeling, then straight to my hands to make the painting...... The place is so interesting that I decided to make some more paintings there. Never ever I saw a place like this and before the sea asks his price I will make a lot of paintings not only in Bali but all over Indonesia..... Indonesia is full of great paintings and I want to spend the rest of my life to go around Indonesia and paint the incredible places and the wonderful atmosphere.