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Code: K056

Title: Warung Kayuputih Sinalud

Size: 135 x 86 - Oil on canvas.




Somewhere in the hills of Kaliasem, in the area of Lovina I found these two warungs (shops selling diverse articles sometimes with snacks or food and drinks) side by side. Both warungs sell the same products and when I asked warung number one about the people of warung number two, they wouldn't give me an answer.

The same thing happened when I asked the people of warung number two about warung number one, they also ignored my question. They were acting just as if they were two brothers who did not speak to each other, this really did create a strange atmosphere, I had a cup of tea in warung number two and the people from warung number one gave me strange looks. After a while, I went to warung number one and with a big smile asked for a cup of tea and then the people of warung number two with their body language showed me that they didn't like it that I visited their neighbors.

An interesting point was that in the beginning, they must have shared the only available toilet, which is at the back of the buildings exactly in the middle and I still wonder today what they do when the need arises.

Of course all this is not important, but as a painter and especially as an impressionist, I am very sensitive to the atmosphere and the aura produced by the people and their lives, so in this case it was a challenge, to make a painting from what I was seeing and feeling. As a painter I sat there about 7 meters from this very sensitive object, first I made a sketch and then my task began, in this particular case, to be honest it was a struggle to make this painting, to capture the atmosphere and the unspoken rivalry between the two warungs.