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Code: K059

Title: The Cow

Size: 100 x 120 - Oil on canvas.




The cow, now if there is one farm animal that has always been with humans, it is the cow. I met this particular cow very close to my house in a valley, the cow looked at me with a look of total peace and serenity, but when I looked back into its eyes, I did it with shame. I wanted to say, “I'm sorry”, but the cow looked at me as if it were a Buddha and it knew that it was only food. I said to the cow, ok I will paint you and then you will live forever, that seemed to be ok for the cow.

All the time I made the sketch and prepared the painting it only looked at me and didn't move, after about four hours of drawing and preparation for the painting I stopped and finished the rest during the following weeks. About three weeks later I went to the same place, the cow was not there, I asked the local farmer where is the cow was that I had painted, he gave me a big smile and said, “to be a hamburger”.

This painting gives only love.