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Code: N021

Title: Awareness

Size: 150 x 150 - Oil on canvas.


A good friend of mine, Yana Dijkstra, a writer and a paranormal who gives lectures and courses in meditation, tarot, tattwa, etc., was directly impressed and inspired by this painting when she entered my gallery in Kayuputih. Directly the sensed what the painting was telling. Then I asked her if she would write a description for this painting and immediately she said "yes, you will have it in three hours". Here is what she wrote for this painting.


Slowly you see the human being, although recognizable, but far from being complete, rise up from the darkness. Male? Female? This has not yet been determined and the process is still going on. More light falls on the figure coming from the dark, the shapes becoming clearer. Female they become, round and soft, colours appear like the rising sun. More and more details become visible until she is fully taken up by the light. Then.... she stands before you, in all her beauty and completeness.

What Theo has painted her, is the awakening of awareness of the human being. As long as we still wander around, and we are unaware of who we really are. We are incomplete, not whole. It is our feminine, intuitive power that eventually will release us from the darkness, to shine in full awareness, fully aware of who we are and why we are here.

It is no coincidence that Theo has painted this right now, because now is the time of the Goddess. This energy will awakened the Goddess in ourselves so we will be able to cast off the veils of illusion forever to be a truly un-bonded human being.