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Code: N024

Title: Knife and Rose

Size: 100 x 200 - Oil on canvas.

Description: Somewhere in my area is a very special place. Up in the mountains I found it by accident - while I was looking for an eye-catching place to paint. Suddenly the cooling system of my car seemed overheated, so I had to stop at a place where nobody stops or wants to stop. I stopped my car on the roadside and walked into the jungle with my easle, canvas and a big bag of oil paint. I encountered unexpected a wonderful place - flowers - all kinds of bamboo - banana trees - butterflies - singing birds, and the eye of the day (the sun) in full glory. I was excited - a dream place. So I started to paint and after maybe three or four hours - a beautiful, naked girl stands in front of me - in one hand a knife, in the other hand a rose.... my god..... what's happening? I was flabbergasted..... She looked at me, straight - direct - no shame - so natural, like the surroundings. I heard myself say, "Please, stay there, I want to paint you. After three seconds she said "Ok". After three hours of intensive painting including the background of trees and flowers I heard her voice saying, "Come back tomorrow, 10 o'clock, same place", and she disappeared into the forest.... I was in a positive shock... after a while I took my things and returned to my car; the cooling system seemed normal again.

The next day exactly 10 o'clock I arrived at the same place, ready to work. For a moment I looked back because I heared something.... when I turned my face to the canvas again.... she was standing there... like a forest angel. I started to paint... my goddess model at one and a half meter in front of me. I painted like I always do, nonstop, my concentration always more than 100%. After six or seven hours she said to me, "Tomorrow, same time. And then I'll give you three hours", and she disappeared again into the forest.

The next day I arrived five minutes too late. She was already there. We started a new session, in total silence. She ended the session after three hours (a bit strange because she only had a knife and a rose but no watch to check the time). She turned and said, "Follow me"..... In trance I obeyed. After a while we arrived in some kind of special village with round wooded houses and a larger round house in the middle. My goddess model led me into the big house.... there were only naked, beautiful women, about 50 or 60 of them.... In a circle of burning candles stand a very, very special woman, an incredible beauty with completely white, long hair. She had the attitude of a queen and a prophet. She looked me into the eyes for three minuted and then said, "WelcomeTheo. Every full moon you will come here to make love with one of our girls..." My brain was deprived of oxygen for a while.... "Relax, Theo" the queen said. "You were sent to us. We welcome you. You are our friend........ We too were sent to this place, a hundred full moons ago! We must save Bali, Theo, and create a new population and save the positive and remove the negative energy. We are waiting for a sign to start."

I was in a mental coma. I could not think. My feelings were none. "Come here again at the morning of the coming full moon Theo - and keep this place secret."

"And now you go home Theo, and paint at the places where you will have a happy feeling".