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Code: P012

Title: Yana Dijkstra

Size: 95 x 90 - Oil on canvas.


Maybe as you know, I was a long time a make-up artist, for about 15 years. It was a great time, a funny time, extremely busy and I learned a lot (it is a wonderful way to learn your classics). I was also playing little roles many times, anyway, it was a great time. Why I say this? Because I love to make portraits. When I make a portrait of you, I put your soul on the canvas, be sure of that.

By this painting, this portrait from Yana, who is a paranormal teacher, sociologist, psychologist and a successful writer of books with a paranormal aspect and color. She was sitting opposite of me at my kitchen table and this attitude is typical for her. This is the way she looks to he clients before she tells something important to them. And also she was thinking…. I'm curious Theo what you make, how you shall paint me. I used three session of one and a half hours each to paint her portrait and this is absolutely her. On the painting she just finished to listen to your story, she looks to you with this face just before she wants to say something.

When Yana saw the painting when it was almost finishes, she said to me, now I see how much I look like my mother and grandmother. This painting I will hang in my practice where I work with my clients. I am very happy with it. In the summer of 2009 I will be in Bali again, to work on my new book and to get this painting from you. It shall be forever in our family.