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Code: P014

Title: Ayu dari Puri - Ayu from the palace

Size: 65 x 75 - Oil on canvas.


Yes, I want to be your portrait model, she said. I met her somewhere in the underground of Lovina and the next morning she stood before my door and she said, here is your model. We had a cup of tea and talke a little bit, but there was no direct contact, and normally I have with women in a split second contact - but not with Ayu. I put here on a chair and started to make a sketch and from that moment I knew this would be a complicated portrait because I wanted to put the soul in the portrait. Then I looked to her and when I saw her aura and felt her character and the structure of her personality as I say, this shall be an interesting struggle. Slowely, slowely I got it, very slowly. I put also the painting in a corner of my studio, looked to it, turned it, don't want to look at it, but I didn't want to stop it. Slowely, slowly the painting was growing and finally this is the result.

Class, complicated, don't know where, what and who, friendly, royalty, going down, going up, a difficult way and finally the right road. This is this painting. This is Ayu.