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Code: S011

Title: Sawah Baru

Size: 200 x 120 - Oil on canvas.


This location I discovered in Panji in the north of Bali. This is a very special area with a lot of water wells. In the dry season most of North Bali is dry and burnt by the sun, but this specific area is always green. There are some very special, big temples, Buddha and Hindu, and the atmosphere is very special too. If you are sensitive enough, like me, you can feel that atmosphere. So when I put my easle here and make sketches in my sketchbook, later in my studio it was impossible for me to use the natural colors. These are the right colors for this area. So what I paint is ofcourse the form and what you can see, but that is just one dimension. The second, third and fourth dimension is the feeling and that is exactly what I put in this painting.